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31st May 2005

12:11pm: Lets do the time warp again!!!
You Are Columbia
You are Columbia!

What Rocky Horror Picture Show Character Are You?
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30th May 2005

6:18pm: One year older!!!

              Happy Birthday




wove ya!!!!!!!!!!





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27th May 2005

11:24pm: I got the same as you, Ren!!
Why do you cry?

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17th May 2005

6:30pm: wish i could remember how to smile.....

What kind of God are you?
Favourite Color
You earthly time was spent Feeding millions with a few hot dog scraps
Your throne is A humble respte overlooking the rolling hills of Elysia
You wear A rainbow for a sash, and mountains for shoes
Your Godly superpower is Complete dominance and sovereignty over time and space and the infallible right to do with both as you please
This QuickKwiz by pelagicboreas - Taken 53722 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

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22nd April 2005

5:14pm: what the!?
Avril – kicks guys in the nuts, good dancer though

^^^ Thats what my name realy means, lmao!
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19th April 2005

9:06pm: I'm sorry about all the quizes.........i was so fricking bored......soowee
You are a Mermaid, who sits on a rock in
the sea, looking and watching all humanity with
curiosity in your eyes. You have a two-sided
personality! On one hand, you revel in your
freedom and often prefer to live in your own
private dreams.

On the other hand, humanity
intrigues you and you love watching on. You are
actually very kind at heart, hating to see
people hurt and despise injustice! You probably
have one or two special friends, who mean the
world to you!

Also; you are probably quite
political, wanting to see justice done in the

You are quite the dreamer, needing
freedom and personal space to dream your little
dreams. You love to escape into a book or some
good music and just drift away.

Some of your
good points are that you are sensitive,
compassionate and a freethinker. Your bad
points are that you may come across as cool and
aloof to others and probably have a tendency to

You are the ultimate dreamer with
a kind, but troubled heart!

Are you a Princess, Enchantress, Faerie, Mermaid or Toad? (with pictures!)
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Revenge killer

You kill for

That is because you have lost something or
someone you held very dear. Now you can't seem
to get over the loss that marked your soul, and
the only solution is to go after the one person
who brought all this pain to you. Chances are
you are angry inside and you bottle everything
up and don't talk to anyone about it. People
may want to help, but you think that they can
never understand your pain and only get
frustrated because of this. But it is important
to see all that you have left and be thankful
of that even if you have lost something great.
It may not be true that Times heals all wounds,
but with time and talking about your feelings,
maybe the hurt will ease.

Main weapon: Yourself
Quote: "You can close your eyes to
reality but not to memories" -Stainslaw J.
Facial expression: Gritted teeth and
teary eyes

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
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Your word is: Confused. You have reached a stage in
life where you have lost yourself completely.
Identity-crisis is only the first name, and
this is really depressing you. All you want is
to be yourself, but how can you, when you know
nothing? Others can not help in this situation,
only you can find yourself again and become
whole once more.

What dark word represents you? (anime pics and 7 outcomes)
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Your connection with darkness is through your
depression. Hated, sad and often feeling
lonely, there is only a few that appreciate the
real you. You tend to keep to yourself and away
from the world since you don't want to be hurt
and betrayed again. Music gives you the
understanding you need to get through, it's
your "therapy". Or you express
yourself through art or writing. Chances are
you're also an anti-social person, who only
likes being with close friends, if even that.
The world has finally showed it's true face for
you and you wish life wasn't this miserable to
live through. Maybe you'll find happiness in
the future, but right now you're just hiding
away from the world. Who needs people anyway?

What is your connection with darkness? (pics)
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depressed girl
You are the depressed/dreamer anime girl.You either
lost somebody you love or somebody broke you
heart so bad that you can't pick up the
shattered pieces without hurting yourself.You
think nobody can heal your wounds but don't
stop looking because you never know who loves
you enough to try hell the one special guy
could be right infront of your eyes and you
don't even know it.You also love to day dream
because it seems like the only place that makes
you happy.BBut little do you know that people
all around you are trying to make you happy and
you won't let them in fearing you'll get
another heartbreak or get hurt worse.But just
try and if things go wrong just brush it off
and try again.It never hurts to try.One more
thing never let that lost love one leave you
heart keep them in forever and keep their
memory alive.

If You Were An Anime Character What Would You Look Like?(Girls Only)
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broken soul
Your soul is broken.
You are living through a lot of pain everyday
that you have to deal with, which is making you
sorrowful. No one ever stays by your side when
you truly need them and no one ever will.
Everything is hopeless and tragic and you keep
yearning for the day you will be free from
pain. Love is unlikely to happen to you because
you isolate yourself and are suspicious of
peoples motives. You stand in the shadows of
the world, watching what you can never have.
The bruises you carry never seems to heal, your
mind is dark and no one seems to understand or
wants to help. As always, you will be alone in
the world, fighting your dark thoughts by

How is your soul?(pics)
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17th April 2005

8:36pm: lmao!

Avi Highway
Valley of Depression6
Fame City14
Lake Love46
Family Farm113
Loony-Bin Lane258
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

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The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Quiz Addiction

Majoring in
Dr. GoQuiz.com


Blogging Degree
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8:15pm: woot!!!!


         my hair is purple!!!!!!!!!!!!




                    <3  The Punk Rock Princess  <3



           a.k.a  Avi






lol, i just like all the purday colours.......................








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8th April 2005

8:41pm: weeee........................pretty!
You are sad because of your fear

Why are you sad? [amazing pictures] For darker people
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Light element
Your element is Light. Your heart is pure and
shining with love. You believe in the goodness
of those around you and give almost everyone a
smile. You are not the kind to hide your
happiness and tend to smile all day long, both
in and out. But when sadness hits you, you
become very devastated and may be upset for
quite some time. What you need in your life is
friends, friends who will love you
unconditionally, like you love them. But you
have a naive nature and don't always notice
when someone is trying to hurt you. Some would
say you are oblivious to mean people, which
makes you an easy target. However, your true
friends will probably be there for you and save
you. In school you are either the popular one
or the little weird one. It all depends if
"the higher people" find your caring
side irritating or not. Nevertheless, you have
a bubbly personality and are social. Big partys
may not be your thing since you want bonding
time with your friends, so slumber-partys fit
you more. You like the happy things in life and
like everyone else to be as happy as you are.
Rate and message!

What is your element? [with pics + 7 outcomes + detailed answeres!]
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7th April 2005

8:12pm: yea, right

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?
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7:21pm: I'm still all sick!!!!
Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Creativity
In a survival situation, you:Fight, and enjoy it
Your hidden talent is:A beautiful mind
Your gift is:Artistic talent
In groups, you:Observe others' behaviour
Your best quality is:Your protectiveness
Your weakness is:Your lack of focus
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Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:A muppet
Your Favorite Target:Nymphomaniacs
Your Kill Count:758,472,447
Your Battle Cry:"I got mad skillz, yo!"
Years You Spend in Jail:48
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$81,881,022,943,927
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 94%
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24th March 2005

6:35pm: Wuv ya!
my lj, is sooooooooooooooo fricking fizzy now!!!!!!!!! (crazy, kul) lol
fred knows wat i mean...............THANKS NIC!!!!!!!!!!

<3 Avi <3
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17th March 2005

9:49pm: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Quizes!!!

??Which colour of Death is yours??
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You are the Spirit of Innocence. Always with the
sweet smile of a child, you know how to have
good clean fun, you have a natural vunerability
about you, which makes you able to make friends
very well, as they are drawn instinctively by
the urge to protect you. But even though you
look as fragile as a child inside you are very
strong with your easy look on life. When you
get a partner (because there is no way you
cant!) your life will be perfect.

Which stunning spirit of emotion are you? NEW AND IMPROVED! (amazingly beautiful anime pics!)
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You hide behind The Shadow Mask, you don't like to
be in the spot light, you like to hide from
everybody and just be alone, you think you put
yourself in this position with your own will
but the truth is that people made you go there,
you don't trust people any more though inside
you there is a voice screaming to go out and
see the light, you look for some one who
understands the real you, some one loves you
unconditionally, if you were looking for some
one to talk to, i'm all ears.

What kind of masks you hide behind? (i added pix)
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^^^ creepy pic, lol
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10th March 2005

5:44pm: weeeeeeeeee, shiney!!!

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

How random are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

You're Elizabeth Swan, governer's daughter. Every pervy orlando-fancier hates you.

Which POTC character are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

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3rd March 2005

6:12pm: Moew!?!
You are Kenny.

Which South Park Charcter are You?
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24th February 2005

9:46pm: more yays!!!

Adopt your own Old Skool Adoptable!
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9:23pm: Yay!!!!
my pet!
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4:58pm: READ THE SIGNS!!!!
X_wild_fire_X may explode without warning


From Go-Quiz.com

avi is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.


From Go-Quiz.com
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23rd February 2005

9:08pm: Quizes
Red Rose
You are a RED ROSE! Your heart is pure but your
soul....might be stained a bit. You are the
purest symbol of love.

What Rose Are You??
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